Suppliers Of Wild Bird Seeds To Wragby and Beyond

Wragby Pet, Garden and Home. The store may have gone but, having listened to our customers, we will continue to supply wild bird seed to Wragby and the surrounding areas.

We will continue to stock, Value Wild Bird Seed, Superior Wild Bird Seed, Wheat Free Wild Bird Seed, Mixed Corn, Niger Seed, Peanuts, Fat Balls, Black Sunflower, Sunflower Hearts. We will also try and add to our range over the coming months.

Simply head over to the ‘Shop’ page, place your order, and we will deliver to your door.

Pet Supplies

Do you have difficulty in finding your particular pet food? Let us order it for you. With a comprehensive range of pet food and accessories in store and access to a wide range of other goods we are sure to be able to help. We will also order in live foods that you may need for your snakes or other reptiles.

Garden Supplies

Whether you're battling slugs and snails or looking for quality gardening tools, why not pop in store and see what we have to offer?

Hardware and DIY

Maybe you're looking for those missing items to finish your DIY tasks or maybe you're even in need of a new bin. With an ever increasing range we are sure to be able to help with whatever you may be looking for.

Join The Growing Number of Those Supporting Our Wild Birds

It may suprise you to find out that over 50% of UK adults feed birds in their garden.

If you are patient simply providing birds with extra food will attract them to your garden where you can enjoy their exciting behaviour and fantastic colours.

Feeding garden birds is also a great way to teach children about wildlife and to give them an understanding that will be useful for all their life.

When to Feed

All year round feeding is recommended.

Athough winter feeding can be most beneficial due to natural food sources being in short supply, shortages can occur at any time of the year and therefore its safe and reccomended to feed all year round.

By offering the birds a regular uninterrupted supply of food to suppliment their natural diet, you will ensure at times of high demand – breeding, extreme weather or rearing of their young that they have a better chance of survival.

Regular feeding all year round is also beneficial as birds return time after time to take advatage of the ready food supply. Stopping this supply will result in birds having to search for a new supply wasting time and energy that they desperately need for other activities.

As a bird watcher it is also beneficial to keep your garden visitors coming back regularly to feast in your garden.

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